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RoomMates Blue Polka Dotted 2.5" Peel and Stick Letters

This set of peel and stick letters, are approximately 2.5" x 2.5".

The blues are a blue grey and baby blue, creating the polka dot look.

There are 62 letters and 7 punctuation marks.

Below will show how many of each letter there is: A-5 B-2 C-2 D-2 E-5 F-2 G-2 H-2 I-6 J-2 K-2 L-2 M-2 N-2 O-5 P-2 Q-2 R-2 S-2 T-2 U-3 V-2 W-2 X-1 Y-2 Z-1 ?-4 !-3