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January 10, 2020 2 min read

Step 1 – Prepare the Wall

Just like any other wallpaper job, you need to make sure your wall is nice and sparkling clean before you get started, otherwise the adhesive will be less effective. In a bucket, mix some warm water with a small amount of vinegar. Put on your work gloves and wash the walls with the vinegar solution and a sponge to remove any dirt and residues, then let dry.

Step 2 – Start Pasting the Wall

Usually, a special adhesive is supplied with your paste the wall wallpaper kit. Sometimes the paste will need to be mixed or prepared; refer to the manufacturer’s directions, and do as instructed.

Now that your walls are clean and dry, use a paint roller to start applying the adhesive directly to the wall in a thin, even layer. Some suggest that you apply the paste just a little bit at a time (for example, the amount you need for one strip) as opposed to over the entire wall; otherwise, it might start drying before you’re ready!

Step 3 – Apply the Wallpaper

Take your first strip of wallpaper. Begin at the topmost, left-hand corner, and align the strip so that it’s perfectly straight. Stretch out roughly 12 inches of paper, and affix it to the top of the wall. Slowly unroll the paper, using a wallpaper brush to smooth it down on the way, thus preventing air bubbles and wrinkles. Pros suggest you unroll the wallpaper about a foot at a time. Trim any excess left over at the bottom, and then repeat for the rest of the wall.


You can download the instructions here