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Our wallpaper is priced and sold as a double roll.

Boat Fishing on the Lake Window Wallpaper Mini Mural

  • Mural Size   24.5" Wide x 36.5" Tall
  • Attributes    Prepasted

A two tone, light oak wood window casing with a blue grey edge running along the outside to give the window depth.  The window has one door with panes, open to view the lake outside.  On the lake is one fisherman, with something already on his line.  The lake is sparkling in shades of blue, grey, aqua and navy.  Wearing a yellow slicker, prepared for any bad weather that might start.  Trees fill the background, running right up the mountainside.  A birdhouse is just outside the window, with two blue birds taking up residence.   (please excuse the bad picture.  I had to take it, taped to a piece of plexiglass, leaning against the wall)

The mural is prepasted, with a package of powder paste activator included.  The activator has wallpaper sizing built in, which will help you take down this mural with no damage to your walls, when it is time to remove.  (instructions included)