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Cherry Blossom Tree Mini Mural Peel and Stick Appliques

  • Mural Size   54" high and 43" wide
  • Attributes   Peel & Stic

I love, love, love this mural. I have a oriental bedroom, and this is going up on my wall. The tree itself is made of easy pieces of peel and stick, when combined, makes this beautiful cherry blossom tree. There is a large diagram on the back of the package for you to follow. The pieces are a shiny, burnished gold. It is 54" high and 43" wide. There are 2 ways to use this. The first is to just put it on the wall, as is. The second is to paint the area where you are going to put the tree one color, and let dry completely. Put the tree on that area, then paint your room the color you want it to be, and let dry for a couple of hours. Then pull the applique off. What you will see is the tree in the color you put on the wall in just that one are. I did this technique in my bathroom, where a peel and stick may eventually fall off because of the steam, and still got the effect of the design.