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Our wallpaper is priced and sold as a double roll.

Contemporary Dandelions Mural Peel and Stick Appliques

There are 2 sheets of appliques, 39.75" x 17.125

This peel and stick applique is a large depiction of 4 Dandelions on stems in black, gold and silver. Two solid black ones, one large and one smaller. And two dandelions that are half gold and half silver, one large and one smaller.

One of the larger dandelions is 18" across at it's widest point. You only see the outline of the dandelion, every where else is clear. Long stems, along with pieces of the dandelion, as if you just blew it, like when you were a kid. You put this applique together, you are the designer. If you change your mind, it is easily repositionable