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Large Baby Blue Polka Dots On White on Sure Strip Wallpaper

•Roll Size    27 ft = 1 Double Roll   (8.23 m)

•Width   27"  (68.58 cm)

•Coverage   60 Square ft. total  (5.57 m²)

•Pattern Repeat   25.25"  (64.135 cm)

•Attributes   Washable, Strippable, Prepasted

This is the "coolest design." Big blue polka dots, which are 4.75" across, and 4.75" from top to bottom. From the dot to the left to the dot to the right, there are 9" in between. The background is white. It's what I call a "soft white." Because this pattern is sssooooo large, you could use this in larger areas, or in a teenagers room, on the wall behind the bed.

Sure Strip Is Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper

Surestrip-prepasted provides a vinyl free wallcovering option for those who have concerns about PVC.  Surestrip-Prepasted breathes and therefore, eliminates the risk of air bubbles and does not contribute to the propagation of mildew.   Surestrip-Prepasted is also printed using water-based, smokeless inks which contribute to the respect of the environment.

The World’s Easiest Wallpaper

Made of a revolutionary natural and synthetic fiber, Surestripe-prepasted is stronger, easier, to install and easier to remove than any other wallpaper. It lets you dramatically transform your room quickly and easily.Just roll it out, wet it and apply it to your walls.   When you are ready to redecorate, it comes off in seconds and in full strips with no wall damage and no tools needed. Just pull it off.

Easy To Install ~ No Seams

Since Surestrip-prepasted wallpaper doesn't expand when wet or contract upon drying, it does not require "booking" time and totally eliminates the risk of unsightly seams.

Dip the prepasted strip in water.

No special adhesives required.

No booking required.

Place the wet strip onto the wall & smooth out.

Easy To Remove

Absolutely no tools needed.

No special chemicals or steamers required.

Pull off the wall in full sheets dry.