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Our wallpaper is priced and sold as a double roll.

Lighthouse Beacon of Light Wallpaper Border

  • Roll Size   15 Feet Long   (4.572 m)
  • Width   6  3/4"  (17.145 cm)
  • Pattern Repeat   20.5"  (52.07 cm)
  • Attributes   Washable, Strippable, Prepasted

Four different lighthouses, sitting on the rocks. Lots of pine trees about. Stormy blue skies above in several shades of blue. One lighthouse is white with red at the light. One is white at the bottom and black at the top. The third one is candy striped in red and white, and the last one is a large octagon white house on stilts, with a red roof. There is no edge to the top and bottom of this border. A dark green angry splashes of water run along the bottom.