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Our wallpaper is priced and sold as a double roll.

Uncut 3 Train Sets on a Peel and Stick Wallpaper Border

  • Roll Size   16 Feet Long   (4.8768 m)
  • Width   5.75"  (30.605 cm)
  • Pattern Repeat   No Repeat
  • Attributes   Washable, Strippable, Peel & Stick

This is something brand new. I decided there were not enough train borders in the market, so I created my own. However, you can either hang this as is, which is 3 train sets of 3 different colorways, on a white background. Or, you can cut them out, and use them as individual trains, and even mix the cars in the order you like. These trains are on a peel and stick white border. I created the trains so they are simple to cut out, no harder than cutting out paper dolls. I have cut these out myself and found it was a simple process.